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Voices Live ~ From Behind Closed Doors

7/19/2020, 6:30:00 PM

Voices Live ~ The Black Heart

Suuuup HotRad PPV’ers?? We over here continuing by teaming up with our bff's, Old Empire, to bring you quality straight outta the top drawer with London’s very own Voices “innit geez”, as they say “dahn in sahhhrrff Lunduhn”! These guys are dripping in brilliance and their latest effort (yes we had sneak peak cause we spezial) is on repeat over at HotRad HQ. We think they should take over the world. Will obvs do better than the current lot in charge in your current location probably.

£ 2.99

Pay per view

Voices Live

Raging Speedhorn ~ Live... But Socially Distant

7/5/2020, 6:25:00 PM

Raging Speedhorn ~ The Underworld

THIS LIVE STREAM HAS ENDED BUT IS AVAILABLE TO WATCH FOR 48HRS AFTER THE SHOW! Our pay-per-view systems are barrelling onwards and upwards with the massive, undeniable, 12-legged, beer-fuelled onslaught that is RAGING FUCKING SPEEDHORN!! Unbelievable power is about to be unleashed on the poor unsuspecting public (provided they all buy tickets the button is right there! No! There! Urgh!). It’s a first live.. but socially distant show down at The Underworld!

£ 3.99

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Raging Speedhorn

Telepathy ~ From Behind Closed Doors

7/29/2020, 6:25:00 PM

Telepathy ~ The Black Heart

Back into it once again with cinematic mind-freaks, Telepathy. Time to expose yourselves to their scintillating mix of sludge, post-black, doom, and blackened metal! They’ll be playing tracks of their new album for the first time too so you really don’t wanna miss this one... Hit the “Get Tickets” button to access the pay-per-view live stream! Support the band, the venue and the scene! See you in the chat room!

£ 2.99

Pay per view