The Black Dahlia Murder

We live streamed these death metal wreckers a little while back and now we have the chaos saved in bitesize form for y'all..! Check out the full vid below
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Conan Live - Hotel Radio Exclusive!
on 19 Dec 2019
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Yeah that’s right, read these words and suck it all in - "CONAN LIVE"!

Check back here for tickets to see Conan live and in the flesh at The Blackheart, Camden, London on the 19th December 2019! Ticket link will go live soon, exclusively for Hotel Radio members.

If you're not fast enough on the day, you can always watch the live stream right here!!

All remaining tickets have been sold! Sorry!

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We just can't get enough hardcore we might be losing our minds about it!! Closing out what we can only now call our Hardcore Autumnal Season 2019, we're bringing you none other than the Godfathers of Hardcore - Agnostic Front


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