Mission of Burma

Vol.4 – Electrowerkz

It weirdly became a kind of interactive space where band and audience slowly merged into a single entity powering through a hook-laden setlist.

Hotel Radio doesn’t like to overcomplicate things. Which is why writing these rather unlettered, incomprehensible, non-linear streams of prose is something that seems to take more effort and time than organising, arranging, setting up and executing an actual live stream of the group in question (streamin’s well easy dudes you should try it sometime..!!). What makes it even more difficult is when the band in question deserves a little more than our usual “CRASH, BANG!! STICK IT IN YA AND SUCK IT DOWN N’ SUCK IT YEAH!!” type of write up…


So we’d like to send our most heartfelt thanks to the excellent Mission Of Burma. Thanks for being that good that we actually have to think now. Thanks for making us look up from our glowing computer screen whilst executing said live stream to gawp out the words, “oh shit we have to review this what the fuck are we gonna tell people that actually translates the awesomeness of what’s happening here??”

So with all this in mind we hope it’s alright that we just start with Boston, cause that’s where Pearl Jam’s favourite band started in 1979. Named after a plaque in the town’s rather more famous neighbour, New York City, Mission of Burma accelerated into consciousness with a blizzard of post-punk energy that should have considered Hotel Radio’s tiny brain before so appropriately and ingeniously deciding to involve signal loop-backs from off-stage members fiddling at the sound desk for which we now realise we didn’t have a camera trained on at all during the live stream… (Note to Hotel Radio: just bring more cameras). Splitting up after just a few short years, they nevertheless managed to produce such a wild impact on the post-punk scene that bands like Pearl Jam became die-hard fans. Pearl Jam even going so far as to name one of their albums in honour of Mission of Burma sophomore effort ‘Vs.’ Does anyone know any other instance in which the word sophomore is used other than music albums?? You’ll literally never use that word unless you’re a jumped up American frat-boy elated at entering his second year of ‘college’ so that he can now take his turn to urinate across the faces of the newly uninitiated freshers. But then, we all like a bit of piss-fun don’t we..? Do we..?


Anyway, because of all this pissing and stuff, Mission of Burma got back together in 2002 for some one off shows, before realising that people need more… and we do need more..! Luckily they aren’t dumb and decided to keep the show kicking along and also brought us loads of new material, releasing four new albums since the reunion.

Over before it had begun, drummer Peter Prescott playing a short fill then announcing “Thank you and goodnight!” “Christ”, Hotel Radio thought, “This really is avant grade stuff! What’s this gonna go for our average viewer dwell times??” Luckily, they slammed in to hit after hit. Growing in confidence the audience began to move and the band insisted that the lights be turned onto the crowd assembled before them. It weirdly became a kind of interactive space where band and audience slowly merged into a single entity powering through a hook-laden setlist. And just as you start to think, “oh man I wish I could have been there”, pow Hotel Radio’s done it again!! EAT IT AND STICK IT DOWN YA AND SUCK IT YEAH!! sorry…