Henry Blacker

Vol.1 – Arch 555

Smashing, pounding, gnarling and shuddering are all to be experienced the closer any of you dare to step towards this southwest three-piece


There’s some confusion surrounding the origins of Stone Henge. Some say they were forced, like a shot of molten lava, from the depths of the earth (they haven’t)… Others seem to believe they were carved by an ancient glacier before man even stood upright (they don’t)…  Some absolute nutters will tell you they’re a gift from an extraterrestrial race of super-beings, left here to remind us of our pitiful existence (we’re making this up)… Alas, they are wrong, for Hotel Radio has found the true origin of these left-over relics from that piss-taking movie with the big bottoms and the foil-wrapped cucumber down the pants – they’ve been smashed and pounded into creation by the immovable wall of crunching power-sound that is HENRY BLACKER…!!!

Smashing, pounding, gnarling and shuddering are all to be experienced the closer any of you dare to step towards this southwest three-piece. Sure, they’ll be completely pleasant and amiable to your face, but if you dare congregate into crowds before them they will annihilate all the oxygen compounds that you were previously so fortunate in combusting. Gasping for essence, your body quivers in pointless response to their high-level pound-riffery. Brutalised from your everyday, you will succumb to the loosening effects of Henry Blacker!

Part Hey Colossus, part something else, Henry Blacker are 2-album veterans of a scene that nobody really wants to describe in case they kill that scene through their own brute force. People seem to want to put them in the same bracket as Queens Of The Stone Age, but Hotel Radio have never really been down with QOTSA, so we reckon we’re gonna do something else with em’… We’re not gonna put Henry Blacker in any particular scene… attribute them to some movement… Tell you that, “weeeell, they’re a bit like, if you put Alice In Chains with, like, another band, like, I dunno, maybe Kyuss…” How about we do this instead: slap the noisy bastards in an abandoned rail arch in the middle of Brixton, UK, back-light them with the flood lights of a BMW Z4, toss in some smoke machines and strobes, free beer, people and a party, and live stream the whole thing for you future generations now reading through this nonsense to watch so you don’t have to have someone tell you what they’re like!


Behind Brixton market, there’s something totally ridiculous stirring. A group of people determined to act against rational thought in everyway possible have taken over a vast section of rail arches. Go down there on any given day and you can expect to find the most ludicrous thing you can think of being constructed. Try it: a 15m remote controlled zeppelin? Yes. A drivable, road-legal, eco-friendly foot? Yes. A mobile port-a-loo that sprays water and plays music? Yes.

These are all creations from the mind of Roger Hartley and his crew at BOSI. They have now invited the public into this madness at their new event space, 555. Hotel Radio was given pre-opening access to this space under a rail arch that is a stripped back party palace. They even put a collapsible Tiki bar in just to make us feel welcome!


So despite the space being totally radical, at the time of the gig it had one drawback: a single working plug socket. Of course, the team at Hotel Radio, in not really knowing what electric even is or how it works, didn’t see this as a problem until someone said, “wait… what if everything blows up??” Looking around at the equipment, it was clear something had to go. Not really ever wanting to do things at half-throttle, the equipment cull was looking like more of an extermination: the list included smoke machines, multiple strobes, flash bombs, stage cans, amp stacks, lasers, LEDs, haze machines, the list goes on. The dramatic reduction in light was a problem, but then a solution arrived, in the form of a drop top BMW Z4 that we rolled into the space, hit the hazards and the floodlights and BOOOOM!!! Henry Blacker ripped through a laser-guided 45 minute set, bristling with awesome power and loads of noise. The spectacle drew people from the streets, begging for more!!